Monday, March 26, 2012

Did you feel that

Did you feel that a gigantic invisible HUG from me! There is so many ppl in my life that are deserving of this card.
I made today's card for a friend , who did some wonderful things, not expecting to be congratulated, hugged, and told that shes amazing!
Hope that this card goes just a little way to letting her know how much we appreciat her.

I Stamped the lady on the park bench on a shrinky dink , oh how much fun using shrinkies is, takes me back to been 12.
The tree is made up of lots of scollop punched pieces. They are p

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Oatmeal, Olive flourish. Shrinky Dink Paper
Stamps , 4439KK Funky Tree and Friends, 4424KI Gigantic Hug,4173KL Silhouette fashionista.

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Genevieve said...

Love this card! Great job Nat.