Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy dance

I am so excited with only one more day to go in Layout a day!
I cant believe that I am going to actually complete it, this is huge for me who is a non- completer!
Yesterday our prompt was all about animals.
I had these adorable photos of me when I was a tinny tot. I had not scraped them and thought this it the perfect time to do so.
Oh I had so much fun doing this layout.
 It was disastrous, in that half way through I had to totally take it apart and start again, but fun in that I loved the finished product and the flow of inspiration  translated to the page!
Oh and that adorable little bear in the corner is  Lazy Daisy (810LK) what a perfect name for such a cute creature.
I am so happy with this layout, I think because it makes me smile!

Today I completed the layout but am not sharing as in contrast to yesterday I'm completely in hate with it! It was a just get it done day for me as I didn't want to give up so close to the finish.
I hope you will join me tomorrow for my final day and the celebration!
Thanks for looking

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Jackie Rockwell said...

Hi Nat, so glad you stopped by my blog! Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left. Love your layout it's adorable!