Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 13 - Load and we are half way

Its a great feeling to have made the half way point of mother load,
The Prompt today was to use a photo taken as part of the ore training. We where asked to take a photo of one something in our daily routine that we love.
These photos are of me giving my little boy his milk right before bed. Its amazing how fast they grow up as i only took them last month, and already he is grown beyond this daily routine, it was a blessing that i got these photos, ( thanks Lain) And even better that i now have them scraped and ready to go into a album.

The page is made from a Becky Fleck Page map. If you haven't stumbled on this great source of inspiration pop on over and have a look.

I had some fun with a little Glossy accents , adding just a little to sections of the layout.

When i put the journaling block on i wanted it to be there but not take over, my solution was to put it through the Ezy-press with the dots embossing plate, and then lightly rub over it with some ink.

Now for the boring details
Paper is from the enchanted range
stamps 1772LN typewriter letters, 4225KD swirl boarder
Tags Alphabet.

Thanks for looking  Nat

Monday, September 12, 2011


Do you have photos that u just love but they are slightly blurry, they are not centered, or just plain bad shots, but in the corner there is something that triggers a memory!
Then today's prompt is for you. Scrap a not so perfect shot!
I was in my element today as I have a lot of photos that would fit into that category. And wow I'm so glad that I scraped them, was able to tell a story with them, every time I looked at them I would smile, They so are my on the go boy.
Here's my layout.

I am supper happy with the way it turned out, a little more busy than the majority of my layouts, but i think fits my photos and my little boy well.
I used the same paper range as yesterday , the kaszazz All boy collection. the embellishments also came from that range. The journaling is actually in a dark brown on Ivory card stock.
I have used a small amount of Pealed Paint distress ink just to make a few of the bits Pop.

Thanks for stopping by Nat
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Simple Sunday

I know ....Monday here in Australia but I am working a day behind because of the way the Layout A  Day works. If you have missed the post that explains this , here is a quick explanation.
I get the days prompt at 5 pm in Australia, My fellow American LOADSTERS get it at midnight, and wake up and find it in their in box in the morning. I do my layout that night and photograph and blog about it NOW ( in the morning). The light is better to photograph it in the morning...that and I'm normally walking out of the workshop at some ungodly hour of the night.

Today we had a sketch to work with, and me feeling a little lazy, and having spent the last 5 hrs working on projects for next weeks Product Launch and Team Training Day ( more detail coming soon). I did exactly as told kept it simple.
Have a look and let me know if its to simple LOL

As for the details and product list. that's not going to be hard LOL

The paper is Kaszazz ( of course) Its the All boy collection, come chipboard letters and mini black letters. Oh and the most important of all 4 beautifully photos of my boy!
Thanks for looking

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Its all Black and White

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, wherever u are.
I am Happy to announce that its Day 10 that means we are over a third of the way through  mother Load. Last night when i crawled into bed, a bit past midnight, I was thinking would I ever do load a second time.....I didn't have an answer....at first I thought yes , but maybe I would not give it 100% like I am this time......then I thought , No its not worth doing it half hearted......then well it doesn't matter it would still get more scraped during half a load than no load.  And on and on my thought went....then I realised I still have to make it through this one LOL

Todays prompt is use a Black and white Photo.
So I did :) , took me ages to find a photo that I wanted to convert to black and white, but finally settled on this one.

Hope you enjoy there are some details below....and please cheek out the giveaway here

All the patterned papers are from the Kaszazz Ebony and Ivory range. These papers are Gorgeous. I never get sick of using them as they are great to use like this as a monochromatic set or add in with some colours!
The banner is hand made! and the letters are cut with a circuit machine.
The add Ink on the base page is a mixture of  Black soot and walnut stain distress inks. The swirls stamped with the 1937LH stamp!

Friday, September 9, 2011

HIP HIP Horay I have made it to day 9 of mother load
Today is a quick post and I'm off , lots to do with the kids today, must wear them out so they sleep LOL
 Todays Prompt was to use scraps....to tell you the truth my whole idea was good in principal , but i think i made more scraps than i used LOL
I Know i could have done so much more with this , ( and i may just go back and fine turn it a little at a latter date, but its scraped and that makes me happy. It was more important for me to just get it done last night and then try spend some time with Hubby.

Here it is hope you enjoy

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello again,
Today is day 8 of my 28 day scrapbook marathon, and yesterday was a shocker, to those of you that got through the post and survived thank you. And to those wonder full people who told me to stick with it.  A even bigger thank you!
Today is a new day , I put yesterday behind me, and I'm moving on......but in the process I made a little decision...I have been so worried about the pages not been good enough! Not good enough for my blog, not good enough to put into the big picture gallery, just not dam good enough. So my big decision......permission to fail. Permission for my page not to have worked , not be right on the prompt, and not look 100% the way I want. If I'm going to get through mother load with my insanity in place. This is the way its going to have to be. 
And scrapbooking was so much easier when I wasn't worried that my page isn't up to scratch.

Today's prompt was thought full Thursday, and in the tradition of not so much stress, I took the path of lest resistance LOL

My layout is of my beautiful boy playing in a box.....The thought full  part.
OK here it goes and its a very thin connection......all the photos of him in the box are on the photo mat & the photo out of the box is not ! LOL I did warn you.

Here it is

A few of the small facts- The papers are from the Kaszazz foundations range, the arrows are made from lots of different left over pieces of bling. The rubbons are from the bountiful borders pack.  And well the boy is a product of lots of love.

Thank you for looking and hope to see you all again soon
You Rock

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I want to quit

Yes this morning i am sitting here and that's exactly whats gone through my mind.....i am a quiter... i like to bail when things get a bit hard.
Let me tell you a bit about how Load Week one has gone for me!
 I get the emails about 5 pm in the afternoon, i finish getting kids feed, washed, and in to bed ( hopefully before 7 ) then run as fast as i can out to the workshop to then focus on my Layout for the day. The next morning i photograph and post it, both at big picture ( where the class is) and here on my blog!  Or that's the way its meant to work LOL  Monday i had a committee meeting , which i have to say we got through amazingly quick, Tue i had a sick child. The nights had been late by the time i had completed the layout and then i still have preparation for the up coming Team Training Day that i will be running.  I was amazed that I was actually still going strong!
 Yesterday i hit a wall!
The prompt was scrap like Way back When.
Well i really really don't like the way I scraped back then......and then i got all confused....and i tried and failed.   Now i want to go running to my mum and tell her its all to hard and i will have to give up!
Lets hope Coffee and a laugh with my good friend helps get me through!( Oh my god she just messaged me to say she is getting the car serviced and cant make our regular coffee date, thing are going from bad to worse LOL)
On the brighter side , we have completed out first week of load.  I am learning Heep's about not only my scrapbooking style but me, and at lest my scrapbook albums are starting to look full of recent photos.
OHHHH i was struggling to find positives LOL
Now the layout.

The paper is handmade using the 4110KD all boy uncut set, and about 5 different colours of distress ink.
The reason i did this paper was the prompt made me think of the  blue creative memories paper with the little white stars, it was one of the very first patterned papers they had....and i remember everyone saying how wonder full it was and how exciting it was.  LOL Its hard to believe how much things have changed. Buy the way i think i still have some of the paper somewhere.....!

Thanks for listening through my diatribe this morning.....im feeling much better not sure if its the  venting , the coffee , or a combination of both!!!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All about ...who ...ME ...no way

Todays prompt is a hard one......self portrait . Even my husband looked the other way and mumbled something along the lines of good luck with that, when i turned on him thinking he was been a smart ass. He looked straight at me and said....I'm sure its the hardest of all ! Dam he understood ! After been amazed for a few min i smiled to myself and thought maybe if its so hard then  skip it!
 Like most of us i hate my photos, generally they show that i should not eat that piece of cake i was thinking about eating ,  that I'm growing older , that I am not perfect!
 But then there are the times I wish I had more photos of my mum when she was younger, and I think to myself do I want Beth and Isaac to have the same problem when they are my age ....NO.
Todays prompt is a hard one but i attempted it ....I'm not sure that it was successful....but i had a go.
The journaling probably didn't give away why this is so much about me.
 As a mum i underestimate Beth my daughter all the time, she is a very reserved girl, and the silliest of things sometimes she just doesn't like or wont attempt.
On this day i thought the boat ride with the wind in her hair and the speed , may just scare her.
But to my surprise she loved it . I must stop assuming that she is not going to...so she is more free to just do it!

Now for the not so important stuff.
More hand made paper!
The Red swirl paper is made with a embossing plate 5048 Round dance, then with the plate still over the cardstock i have used the blending tool and distress ink to colour the embossed areas.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh So Cool

Oh so cool -Day 5  & Giverway info at bottom!

Today in mother load we are breaking the rules......u may ask what rules,..... any that we have set for ourselves. Mine is not a hard and fast rule i follow , but more something I avoid.
 I don't use bold papers in my background very often, and even less a whole piece as a foundation to my page.So today i broke out a busy, bold piece , and went to town.
Some of you that have been following my blog may realise that i used blue....I tried really hard not to....maybe tomorrow will be my non blue day, at lest today's isn't monochromatic.
The base paper is from the All boy collection and  the shield is the reverse of that paper.
The red patterned paper is from the same collection as the blue paper from yesterday , Enchanted.
And i guess to keep the ball rolling the title is cut with the same alpha die.
Please don't forget to check out the giveaway I have HERE
thanks for looking

Thanks for looking

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Load day-4 Tasty

Yep 4 days of fun, fun ,fun.
Today the prompt is for us to pair down our page, to just what is needed, mmmm i think i must be a day in front, yesterday my page was very paired down, so i though that i would do something a little more embellished today.
The one thing i noticed after i had completed the layout...its blue....and so has the last 3 I have made.
So  I am hoping that tomorrow Lian's prompt isn't work with blue, as i have challenged myself to use a different colour LOL.

Here is my layout

The journaling is hidden under the photo.
It reads... Beth suddenly came out with this saying , well eating one of our homegrown oranges. Not sure where it came from, but since then its become a well used saying.

The papers are from one of my favorite kaszazz collections , Enchanted
The Striped paper is from the same line but stamped with a journaling stamp randomly several times, using faded jeans distress ink.
The cute cloud is also from the same collection and is part of the journaling aids sheet.
The title is a Kaszazz die and cut from white paper using the ezypress, and then coloured using the faded jeans distress ink.

Please see yesterdays post  here  for details of the giveaway worth well over $45

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Load Day 3 - and a giveaway

First the layout read down for the giveaway!
Wow 3 days down and only another 25 to go, hope you can all stay with me through to the end!
Maybe cheer me on....and help me make it over the finish line !
Today we got prompted to use photos that have been sitting waiting for a while to be scraped.
What a great prompt, i know most of us  have those photo!  I really wanted to scrap this one , but keep putting it off.
This   photo of my daughter. It is over exposed, has parts of her face cut off and not typical .....but i love it!

Here she is in all her glory

I tried my very best to keep this layout all about the photo. I used some smooch spritz to do the spraying and make the blotches, I am loving this technique and using it more and more.

But overall its very clean and uncluttered.

Now for the giveaway......
Anyone signing up as a follower and adding a comment to my blog, between now and the end of load ( sept the 28th) will go into a random draw to win a Pack of Kaszazz goodies, valued at over $45.
 I will post this wherever the winner is :) Wow look at all the goodies below

Good Luck, Nat

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mother LOAD

Hi all
Sorry about the long time between posts, no excuses just plain lazy :)
I have been participating in the class over at big picture mother load. A layout a day. Today i have the first two days for you.
Day 1 prompt a goal or aim.Well my workshop clean is a constant goal....one day you never know i might actually get there

Day 2 Prompt- when u last laughed out loud.
So this one is about my trip to the theater with my mum group  friends.
Yesterday was a hard day i fell over in the garden with the kids, laying on the ground for 10-15 min thinking i may just have broken my foot! When i finally got up the pain was unbelievable......why am I telling you all this rather sad a sorrow full tale....not for sympathy LOL What was so great is that even though I was in pain all evening , I still went out to my workshop and did a layout YEAH This is what The mother load is all bout for me....making me try to do it even if i don't feel like it!

I plan on being back tomorrow with today's assignment