Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy dance

I am so excited with only one more day to go in Layout a day!
I cant believe that I am going to actually complete it, this is huge for me who is a non- completer!
Yesterday our prompt was all about animals.
I had these adorable photos of me when I was a tinny tot. I had not scraped them and thought this it the perfect time to do so.
Oh I had so much fun doing this layout.
 It was disastrous, in that half way through I had to totally take it apart and start again, but fun in that I loved the finished product and the flow of inspiration  translated to the page!
Oh and that adorable little bear in the corner is  Lazy Daisy (810LK) what a perfect name for such a cute creature.
I am so happy with this layout, I think because it makes me smile!

Today I completed the layout but am not sharing as in contrast to yesterday I'm completely in hate with it! It was a just get it done day for me as I didn't want to give up so close to the finish.
I hope you will join me tomorrow for my final day and the celebration!
Thanks for looking

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hen today - bride tommorow

Wow what a weekend here in Victoria Australia,
The temperatures where HOT HOT HOT then yesterday wet and HOT. It doesn't make you want to do anything!
My mums work colleague had a Hens do on Sat and wanted me to make something to put a few photos in for her , and for all the work girls to sign at the Party.
So to work I went.
The girls all have a fabulous love of life and a good giggle. I wanted to reflect their tastes and add some whimsy to it as well.
For the base of the card I did  a Concertina album. The instructions come from a Kaszazz workshop from Pam Kuhn . The pages open and criss cross to make a really beautiful space to place photos.
I apologise for the weird dots all over the place, it is my attempt at covering the personal notes on the card.

On the front I used the circut and the paper dolls cartridge and made two dolls.
One Hen and one bride.
Joining them at the hands and feet the Hen opens to reveal the bride.
I had so much fun trying to match the brides look and hair!  Then off tot he bling draw for some gems for the earrings, rings and necklace, and perals for the brides necklace.

What a extra fun little project and all the more special as I know the lovely lady will enjoy keeping this as a great memory of the Hens night.

Now what would a post be without some LOAD
Here is Day 26 only a few days to go
I again made this background paper, i get such a kick out of stamping and making something that is individual to me!
The background and all the embellishments where stamped using the stamp set  Dog Lovers (4453N)
I will be back tomorrow with the next two days of LOAD !
Will you miss me when LOADs finished LOL

Saturday, February 25, 2012

CAS-ual fridays pun of a challenge

Hi all I just love the CAS-ual fridays challenges and this week it was such a fab challenge I couldn't resist squeezing time in to do the challenge, if your looking for LOAD day 25 please scroll down.

The challenge this week is to use a pun.
And here is my take
I just love using bling and this darling of a fairy (4399KL) is just perfect to add some sparkle to.
So perfect in fact she got both isticles and some of the fab star shaped bling!
The paper is from the vintage flourish collection, Jasmine Lee ( 1692) I stamped the fairy on to the paper and then cut her out. I put a little colour on her head, arms and legs.

Now on to LOAD
Again I have managed to dodge the prompt, and instead I did a layout of my little boy.
There is no journaling on this layout , I think the looks give it all away!
This boy makes for a chat, I was trying to get the kids in bed and the layout done before she got to my placeme smile nearly every day.
Last night my non scrappy friend came around , turned out I had barley began when she arrived.
I thought that I may have to leave the layout and skip the day. I apologised and said I would just finish what I was doing and we could head back to the house ( I have a little workshop in a cottage to the side of the house). She pulled up a chair and said keep on going I don't mind chatting well you do your thing! Music to my ears lol. She said something along the lines of " I don't have time for this stuff or want to do it but I don't mind watching others " So happily we sat there chatting away well I stamped and cut and placed and moved and well you get the idea lol.
It was actually a nice change, most of my scrapbooking is done alone with no company!

Thanks for look

Friday, February 24, 2012

Another load!

Hi there all
Today I hope to catch up with my LOAD posts. And  promise tomorrow I will throw something a little bit different in to the mix?

When I did yesterdays post I kept thinking that I had missed a day or a layout, and in the end I dismissed it, and kept on going, I cheeked late last night and I did miss a day. not sure which day it is but here it is..
I love these photos and the new paper from the earth elements range suited it to a tee.
Here is 2 more days that I'm not overly happy with, I'm learning to let it go ...... I did say learning !

And this is my Favourite layout from the last few days.
It is done from a sketch from a site I have just become familiar with, called sketch support
I'm loving the ideas that they get flowing in my brain and give lots of different takes on the one sketch.
If I hadn't been so rushed I would have done the little hearts in a bright red. or at least inked the edges.They get very lost.

Thanks again for looking and sharing this ride with me.

As always i have only used Kaszazz products. Want more info on what or how i did something , just leave a coment and I will get back to you.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a little behind

Hi everyone,
I am still plugging along with load, I'm so proud to say that I haven't missed a day yet, but other things are suffering , like the blog LOL. But it is such a great feeling to know I have nearly made it , Say nearly as this weekend the better half ( hubby) has taken of for a boys weekend, lets hope  I can cope with load and kids.

I have heaps of layouts that I haven't shared , I will post a few today and a few tomorrow.
Please let me say they are not all fantabuolous, they are simple time is essence kind of layouts, but they have documented some great things. So in advance please excuses the not so fabness.

Here is Day 18 Its was Lains birthday today ( lain is the bestest gal who runs Layout a Day) so the prompt was its your birthday.
I put together 2 photos of me with 36 years difference!

The best part of this was been able to use loads of bling, don't we just love bling!

Day 19 and the prompt was about fashion, I used these cute picks of my daughter in a fairy costume!
Am I allowed to boast about how adorable she is.

Day 20 and I again ignored the prompt. I have a lot of photos of my mums groups children as they have been growing up, we periodically line them up for a photo, I wanted to combine these so that it  showed our growth  and how we are still such a strong group.
Sorry about all the covered faces but I didn't get permission to put all the kids on a public forum so I have blanked them all out.
Was not entirely happy with this I thoguht the green would be a nice neutral colour but I think not its complete it just clashes with everything. What do you think?
Thanks for bearing through this mountain of back loaded pages, I hope you have found something of interest. I will be back tomorrow with another lot of pages that will hopefully bring me close to up to date

Friday, February 17, 2012

LOAD , days of it!

Have you missed me the last few days, did you think I had given up :)
Well I got close but I have actually managed to do layouts the last three days , but just haven't managed to blog.
Thanks to those who have been cheering me on!
We are up to day 17 and today I have 3 layouts to share, so buckle yourself in and lets go.

Day 15 and the prompt was thrown out the window again, yes that is allowed :).
I did a pic of my little girl with one of her creations
I am so annoyed with myself , when I finished this and then uploaded it, I noticed it has spelling mistakes, not an uncommon thing for me , but annoying!
Everything else I love!
The paper is made using the affirmation stamp set, I stamped them all over the base page. then after all the  bits where attached I spattered it with loads of ink. I may have got a little to ink happy LOL

Day 16 was about neighbours / neighbourhoods.
I chose to do a layout about my neighbour that I grew up next door to. She was a very special person in my life.
Now that I have photographed and shared I will finish the layout with her surname and birth and death year. ( don't like putting that out into the public)
I have so much to tell about this lady, that I made it so it will open, and I can put two huge journaling blocks inside.

The flourishes on the piece are actually a very pale perfect pearl and have a beautiful shimmer that does not get picked up on camera.

Last and most defiantly lest is Day 17
Yesterday I took my kids to the Zoo and got home late, was tired exhausted and had a couple of wines, then literally dragged my weary body out to the workshop to do a layout!
The only thing that I'm happy with on this layout is that I actually did it,
The prompt was about growing up.I popped three photos of my brother and myself at different ages on the page, and called it a page :).
Not a winner but done!
Thanks again for looking

Day 15 Stamps 4528K mini messages Affimations, Dies 2915 tags 3,
Day 16 Stamps 4512Q Ornate frames, 451Q Vintage Frame, 45320 Vintage Flourish set, 1110LK hibiscus border. Paper 2943 Blush vines,
Day 17 Stamps 4110KO All boy uncut set, 412KO Love and cherish set, 4122KC Oscar owlOlder wiser.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You guessed it LOAD

You guessed it its day 13 and 14 of  LOAD, we are getting close to half way and I'm feeling the pressure of  the last few days!
What I am loving is the prompts! I have used photos and told stories that I would otherwise of had just sitting in a pile collecting dust.
Day 13 was all about hobbies. When I looked through some old photos I seen a few of my Nana's cakes.
Although I have lots of hobbies, cake decorating is one that I enjoy now, that I learnt as a kid.
This page will be the cover to a album for all the cakes I make the kids.

I had so much fun making the heart on this , I used the fringe die and cut lots of strips, inked the edges and layered them till the whole heart was covered.
Then I took some ribbon and pleated it all around the edges.
For such a simple page it sure took a long time, but I'm happy with it.
Here is a close up

Then yesterday the prompt was ohhhh ( insert thinking noise), opps! I have forgotten exactly, but it was something like enduring love. My layout is a very loose interpretation of the prompt.

The layout was so quick as I really needed a early night! But to be honest the photo and memories that go with the story, made it a joy to complete. I was so happy to have it scraped and there for others to enjoy. Oh and what a joy to have used that photo. I could not believe how well it copied from a little 4 x 4 photo, I scanned  and enlarged to 8x10 then cropped it down.
Would never have dreamed it would still be usable.

The Journaling reads-
Often I have heard the story told and repeated. But to be honest until I found this old photo I thought they where all stretching the truth! The story goes more or less like this:-
" You have always been a chatter box, one day you where talking so much, that you didn't even notice a kangaroo eating your lunch from your hand"
Well I think this confirms what they have been saying, and its official
I love a chat.

Thanks again for looking

As always all my projects are made with only Kaszazz products, if you wish to know more about something you see, please message me and I will be happy to help.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Load 11 and 12

Yep its back to LOAD ....when i did LOAD last year I got to day 15 before cracking ! Im so close to bettering that ...here's hopingI stick with it for a few more days at least.

The prompt for day 11 was SCHOOL DAYS. Oh how I want to forget them.
I dug out some old photos from school swimming sports, notice how I'm not wet :)
I am always using blue, cant seem to stay away from it!
Its fun to see photos of way back then...and how thin I was! If only we could keep those bodies!

Then yesterdays prompt didn't  get used to do my layout. I did one of my two beautiful kids eating lollipops.  I had taken the photo in the morning and scraped it in the afternoon. I like how the memories where so nice and fresh.

They are so cure some times it amazes me! Sorry little mum pride seeping through!

The base paper in this layout is actually called blueberry. I love it, but here it looks more blue than in real life, its actually a nice grey/blue/ purple. All the colours are a bit off in this pic.
This Layout is missing something, not sure what but I'm sure when I lest expect it I will figure it out.
That or it will go into the album just as is :(
Thanks for sharing my journey with me!

As always  have only used Kaszazz products, see something and want to know more just send me a comment and I will get back to you

Saturday, February 11, 2012

CAS_ual Fridays Challenge CFC39

In between all the fun of LOAD I have managed to squeeze in a few cards.
I love playing along with the CAS-ual Fridays challenge and this one made my artistic juice flow.

This weeks challenge is Clean and simple  Paper Piecing.
Oh the joy !
I actually did 3 cards for this challenge, I'm sure that is overkill but what the heck its done.
This is my Favourite
How cute these two little fellows are!

That was my fav by far and I can see many more monkeys in my life!

Then with Easter coming up I thought mmmmm bunny!
I stamped the images on lots of different paper and cut to my hears content.
Then just after completing this , hubby walked in lamenting the fact that the local grocery store was choc-o-block full of Easter, and that it was way to early! Woopsie.HEHEH

And Here is my last card

I Had such fun doing this card, I have made one similar, you can see that here .
I made the background by ripping and piecing three different papers.
Originally I just stamped the hanging kids,but then went back and cut them from craft. I kept it natural so as not to overload the card.
My biggest concern, is that I'm not sure that it is clean and simple !

Thanks for looking  and see you soon!

As always all my stamps and products are from the Kaszazz Range!
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Friday, February 10, 2012

LOAD 9 and 10

Are u sick of LOAD layouts yet....I'm not counting...no, not at all... just 18 days to go.....sorry you will have to put up with my LOAD babble for a bit longer! Thats if i make it :)
I promise tomorrow I will bring you something different, along with a little Load HEHEHE

Here is Day 9 and a little bit of me, the prompt was home sweet home ( this was my bedroom growing up)

I had lots of fun graffiti-ing ( not sure that is a word LOL) this, it was just like been back at high school.

The paper is from the School days collection.

Day 10 was all about favourite things.
The first thing that came to mind was the fishing shack, that my Pa had.
I so wish I had photos of it , but all I had was a few at the local beach .
But it feels good to have at lest recorded the place.  That's the joy of scrapbooking ultimately is to get the memories stored.

The Background paper is one of the new papers from the January Release.It is called Billabong Dreams. Oh and wait till you see the other side,scrumptious!                                                    

 Was so happy with this till I tried to shade a little on the title chipboard, but LOAD been LOAD there isn't time to turn back. I might  redo it when I have time.
Thanks for looking

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LOAD day 7 and 8

The last two days have been busy , but I have managed to still get my layouts done...just a little proud of myself. Not sure how much longer I will be able to keep up the pace.
Im sure at some stage I will have to clean the house LOL

I haven't stuck to the prompts for the last two days, but yesterday managed to use some very old photos.

This is my brother Trevor and myself .
This was a fun layout to do. I put some fake stitching around the photo ( i know i do that all the time) The flourish on the top and bottom is stamped, it is one of the new ones released in Jan.
The base paprer is from the timless colection.

I enjoyed playing with the ribbon and using some brads to change it up a little. ( sorry about the bad photos)

And finaly broke out this family tag...its so pretty adn i found just the right thing to put it on.

I just have to do a little journalling on this to make it complete.

Oh and i just remembered its the first layout iv ever scraped with me and my brother ( scary ) lol

And todays Laoyout

This also was fun and the All Boys papers where perfect for the layout. Had fun making the embelishments using a combination of the travel and all boy rubons.

Hope I have inspired you a little today
See you tommorow

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hi Bloggers
Im here with day 6 of LOAD and what a fun time I'm having.
Today the prompt is about dreams and the first thing that jumped to my mind was a photo of my daughter sleeping on Christmas day.

This layout was inspired by A fellow Kaszazz consultant Kate Norris, ( will see if she will let me put a pic up here for you all to look at ) Ok Kate gave me the go ahead to use her pic so here it is...

And my page.

The trees, birds and owl are from one of our fab rub-on packs. The rest is INK. I love ink can do so much with it. I used a combination of colours for the rainbow  and some simple blending for the grass and sky.
The Stamps are from the January release.  Love our new stamps!

Thanks for looking

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Load day 4

WOW how fab is LOAD, loving the prompts! Its so nice to scrap things I would normally just put aside. If you want to know more about LOAD go Here
I'm sure all of us with kids have a similar theme  that dominates their albums KIDS.
Today's prompt was about change and I could easily have resorted to the old photos of the kids as they have grown, but for some reason Lains prompt had me thinking about the growth of our garden and how much it has changed.

For those that don't know me and my family, it took us nearly 15 years to build our house, My hubby did almost everything himself, well we had no kids we just pottered along building little bits at a time and living in a small cottage out the back ( that's now my workshop).

Oh and the best thing is I used only scraps on this layout....YEAH .  Except for the base page and the ribbon of course. The papers are from the Earth elements Collection from Kaszazz.

Sorry about the last photo, When I decided to do the House I needed a recent photo, I took it last night and then printed but my silly printer is out of ink...don't u hate that! Will reprint tomorrow when I have gotten ink and replace photo.


Thanks for looking
All products used are Kazazz and are available to purchess from ME !

Friday, February 3, 2012

LOOAD days 2 & 3

Hi all just a quick post to share day two and three of  LOAD ( layout a day)

Im not happy with either of these pages and I'm sure I will go back and re do the banner one at the end of load.

Day 2 prompt was to do a layout with a fav picture. I have had these photo sitting on my bench for a week just waiting for a chance to do a layout with them. I love the way my father in law and my son interact, they clearly love each other lots.

Was great to see these photos popped on a page and it is now sitting on my kitchen dresser and I smile every time I look at it.

Day three and the prompt was " Who am I"
I must say I hate doing pages that concern me, and I somehow don't edit my feelings, although this is a happy looking fage it deals a little with my struggles been a mum!

As always the papers are all Kaszazz.
I just love the orange red paper on the base, it is so cheerful.
The white base has been hand stamped and the embellishments hand made.

Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LOAD day 1 and more

Hi All
I have Heep's of things to post today so i will get on with it!
First layout a day ( LOAD) has begun YEAH !  Not sure why I'm doing it to myself but am so excited! Last time I failed and felt awful about it...this time I'm going to make it easy for myself and just accept I probably wont get a layout done every day!
Our first prompt ( for those that don't know in layout a day we get a prompt every day to help inspire us to make a layout) was about food.
Here is my layout
The Journaling reads
Well pregnant with both of my children I had gestational diabetes.This meant that I was on a very strict diet, on top of that I had to inject insulin several times a day!No sugar, little fat, & not many carbs!For several months with both pregnancy’s, I lived on veggies salad and meat.
Oh what I would have done for a sweat biscuit during these times! Or for that matter even a slice of brie on a bickie.                                      At the end of most days I had supper                  a small  joy!
A glass of cold milo & milk, and a bowl of
strawberries and raspberries!
Even  when they reached $9 a punnet ,  
 I still allowed myself this one            
 special treat

Cant wait to see what tomorrows prompt is!
Now this is for a few special girls over on the Kaszazz site! yes YOU !

This is a few cards made with the shield 2-1 cut and emboss dies.
There was a question as to if the do emboss and I said I would post these photos.
Now I must admit that I CASE this idea off the hero arts blog! a card done by Tami  Hartley  you can see the original here.

As always all my projects are done with only Kaszazz products.
Thanks for looking
See you again soon!

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