Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LOAD day 1 and more

Hi All
I have Heep's of things to post today so i will get on with it!
First layout a day ( LOAD) has begun YEAH !  Not sure why I'm doing it to myself but am so excited! Last time I failed and felt awful about it...this time I'm going to make it easy for myself and just accept I probably wont get a layout done every day!
Our first prompt ( for those that don't know in layout a day we get a prompt every day to help inspire us to make a layout) was about food.
Here is my layout
The Journaling reads
Well pregnant with both of my children I had gestational diabetes.This meant that I was on a very strict diet, on top of that I had to inject insulin several times a day!No sugar, little fat, & not many carbs!For several months with both pregnancy’s, I lived on veggies salad and meat.
Oh what I would have done for a sweat biscuit during these times! Or for that matter even a slice of brie on a bickie.                                      At the end of most days I had supper                  a small  joy!
A glass of cold milo & milk, and a bowl of
strawberries and raspberries!
Even  when they reached $9 a punnet ,  
 I still allowed myself this one            
 special treat

Cant wait to see what tomorrows prompt is!
Now this is for a few special girls over on the Kaszazz site! yes YOU !

This is a few cards made with the shield 2-1 cut and emboss dies.
There was a question as to if the do emboss and I said I would post these photos.
Now I must admit that I CASE this idea off the hero arts blog! a card done by Tami  Hartley  you can see the original here.

As always all my projects are done with only Kaszazz products.
Thanks for looking
See you again soon!

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Genevieve said...

This is a stunning card Nat! I just love it.