Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Excitment is Building

I have been a little AWOL this last few weeks!
Why you may ask.....?
I have been working on top secret projects......and finally I can reveal some of them to you.
Its only two weeks till the launch of your brand new catalogue at Kaszazz. We will be celebrating a whole new look and releasing a stack of wonderful new products.
In the meantime Kaszazz HQ has released the Tim Holtz distress markers  YEAHHHHH
We have know they have been coming to the Kaszazz range but to finally be able to sell them and show you all what fab projects we have been making with them WOOHOO
I got a set a week or so ago to make a project for the release, here is the promo from Head office,with my Workshop. ( smiling like a Cheshire's cat LOL)

It is such a thrill to have my work show cased in such a lovely way!
Tomorrow I will be back with a layout I have used the markers on!
In the mean timed let me know what you think !


Anonymous said...

Nat, Oh I think that this flower stamp that you did for the "Simon Says Flower Challenge and the ones
with the Tim Holtz markers are absolutely beautiful!!!!
Is this one of the new Kassazz stamps? Are they available on line? I was also looking for the
website. Do they ship internationally? Sorry for so many questions, but I would love to add this stamp to my collection!! Thanks for your help.
I will be back to check on your comments for this post! Thanks for sharing your talent. Judy, Northern Minnesota

nat said...

Hi Judy
Thank you for your wonderfull comments.
This Stamp is part of a prerelease for our May 13th product launch. It is available now to purchess but isnt found in any catalogues as yet. Unfortunatly we do not sell direct from the site , But lucky for you im more than happy to do international shiping.
If you would like to contact me on my private e-mail i can help you futher.
The full Kaszazz range can be seen at
Thanks Nat