Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a little behind

Hi everyone,
I am still plugging along with load, I'm so proud to say that I haven't missed a day yet, but other things are suffering , like the blog LOL. But it is such a great feeling to know I have nearly made it , Say nearly as this weekend the better half ( hubby) has taken of for a boys weekend, lets hope  I can cope with load and kids.

I have heaps of layouts that I haven't shared , I will post a few today and a few tomorrow.
Please let me say they are not all fantabuolous, they are simple time is essence kind of layouts, but they have documented some great things. So in advance please excuses the not so fabness.

Here is Day 18 Its was Lains birthday today ( lain is the bestest gal who runs Layout a Day) so the prompt was its your birthday.
I put together 2 photos of me with 36 years difference!

The best part of this was been able to use loads of bling, don't we just love bling!

Day 19 and the prompt was about fashion, I used these cute picks of my daughter in a fairy costume!
Am I allowed to boast about how adorable she is.

Day 20 and I again ignored the prompt. I have a lot of photos of my mums groups children as they have been growing up, we periodically line them up for a photo, I wanted to combine these so that it  showed our growth  and how we are still such a strong group.
Sorry about all the covered faces but I didn't get permission to put all the kids on a public forum so I have blanked them all out.
Was not entirely happy with this I thoguht the green would be a nice neutral colour but I think not its complete it just clashes with everything. What do you think?
Thanks for bearing through this mountain of back loaded pages, I hope you have found something of interest. I will be back tomorrow with another lot of pages that will hopefully bring me close to up to date

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Genevieve said...

I like the Growing up background but it does clash with the blue of the seating.....not quite sure but you could try a paler blue background or will that just make the seating stand out....nice job on keeping up with load.