Friday, February 17, 2012

LOAD , days of it!

Have you missed me the last few days, did you think I had given up :)
Well I got close but I have actually managed to do layouts the last three days , but just haven't managed to blog.
Thanks to those who have been cheering me on!
We are up to day 17 and today I have 3 layouts to share, so buckle yourself in and lets go.

Day 15 and the prompt was thrown out the window again, yes that is allowed :).
I did a pic of my little girl with one of her creations
I am so annoyed with myself , when I finished this and then uploaded it, I noticed it has spelling mistakes, not an uncommon thing for me , but annoying!
Everything else I love!
The paper is made using the affirmation stamp set, I stamped them all over the base page. then after all the  bits where attached I spattered it with loads of ink. I may have got a little to ink happy LOL

Day 16 was about neighbours / neighbourhoods.
I chose to do a layout about my neighbour that I grew up next door to. She was a very special person in my life.
Now that I have photographed and shared I will finish the layout with her surname and birth and death year. ( don't like putting that out into the public)
I have so much to tell about this lady, that I made it so it will open, and I can put two huge journaling blocks inside.

The flourishes on the piece are actually a very pale perfect pearl and have a beautiful shimmer that does not get picked up on camera.

Last and most defiantly lest is Day 17
Yesterday I took my kids to the Zoo and got home late, was tired exhausted and had a couple of wines, then literally dragged my weary body out to the workshop to do a layout!
The only thing that I'm happy with on this layout is that I actually did it,
The prompt was about growing up.I popped three photos of my brother and myself at different ages on the page, and called it a page :).
Not a winner but done!
Thanks again for looking

Day 15 Stamps 4528K mini messages Affimations, Dies 2915 tags 3,
Day 16 Stamps 4512Q Ornate frames, 451Q Vintage Frame, 45320 Vintage Flourish set, 1110LK hibiscus border. Paper 2943 Blush vines,
Day 17 Stamps 4110KO All boy uncut set, 412KO Love and cherish set, 4122KC Oscar owlOlder wiser.

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