Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You guessed it LOAD

You guessed it its day 13 and 14 of  LOAD, we are getting close to half way and I'm feeling the pressure of  the last few days!
What I am loving is the prompts! I have used photos and told stories that I would otherwise of had just sitting in a pile collecting dust.
Day 13 was all about hobbies. When I looked through some old photos I seen a few of my Nana's cakes.
Although I have lots of hobbies, cake decorating is one that I enjoy now, that I learnt as a kid.
This page will be the cover to a album for all the cakes I make the kids.

I had so much fun making the heart on this , I used the fringe die and cut lots of strips, inked the edges and layered them till the whole heart was covered.
Then I took some ribbon and pleated it all around the edges.
For such a simple page it sure took a long time, but I'm happy with it.
Here is a close up

Then yesterday the prompt was ohhhh ( insert thinking noise), opps! I have forgotten exactly, but it was something like enduring love. My layout is a very loose interpretation of the prompt.

The layout was so quick as I really needed a early night! But to be honest the photo and memories that go with the story, made it a joy to complete. I was so happy to have it scraped and there for others to enjoy. Oh and what a joy to have used that photo. I could not believe how well it copied from a little 4 x 4 photo, I scanned  and enlarged to 8x10 then cropped it down.
Would never have dreamed it would still be usable.

The Journaling reads-
Often I have heard the story told and repeated. But to be honest until I found this old photo I thought they where all stretching the truth! The story goes more or less like this:-
" You have always been a chatter box, one day you where talking so much, that you didn't even notice a kangaroo eating your lunch from your hand"
Well I think this confirms what they have been saying, and its official
I love a chat.

Thanks again for looking

As always all my projects are made with only Kaszazz products, if you wish to know more about something you see, please message me and I will be happy to help.

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Genevieve said...

Just had a cruise around your blog. Wonderful stuff. Love your scrapbook pages - more of a cardmaker myself. Thanks for sharing your work. Will come and visit again.