Sunday, February 12, 2012

Load 11 and 12

Yep its back to LOAD ....when i did LOAD last year I got to day 15 before cracking ! Im so close to bettering that's hopingI stick with it for a few more days at least.

The prompt for day 11 was SCHOOL DAYS. Oh how I want to forget them.
I dug out some old photos from school swimming sports, notice how I'm not wet :)
I am always using blue, cant seem to stay away from it!
Its fun to see photos of way back then...and how thin I was! If only we could keep those bodies!

Then yesterdays prompt didn't  get used to do my layout. I did one of my two beautiful kids eating lollipops.  I had taken the photo in the morning and scraped it in the afternoon. I like how the memories where so nice and fresh.

They are so cure some times it amazes me! Sorry little mum pride seeping through!

The base paper in this layout is actually called blueberry. I love it, but here it looks more blue than in real life, its actually a nice grey/blue/ purple. All the colours are a bit off in this pic.
This Layout is missing something, not sure what but I'm sure when I lest expect it I will figure it out.
That or it will go into the album just as is :(
Thanks for sharing my journey with me!

As always  have only used Kaszazz products, see something and want to know more just send me a comment and I will get back to you

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