Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I want to quit

Yes this morning i am sitting here and that's exactly whats gone through my mind.....i am a quiter... i like to bail when things get a bit hard.
Let me tell you a bit about how Load Week one has gone for me!
 I get the emails about 5 pm in the afternoon, i finish getting kids feed, washed, and in to bed ( hopefully before 7 ) then run as fast as i can out to the workshop to then focus on my Layout for the day. The next morning i photograph and post it, both at big picture ( where the class is) and here on my blog!  Or that's the way its meant to work LOL  Monday i had a committee meeting , which i have to say we got through amazingly quick, Tue i had a sick child. The nights had been late by the time i had completed the layout and then i still have preparation for the up coming Team Training Day that i will be running.  I was amazed that I was actually still going strong!
 Yesterday i hit a wall!
The prompt was scrap like Way back When.
Well i really really don't like the way I scraped back then......and then i got all confused....and i tried and failed.   Now i want to go running to my mum and tell her its all to hard and i will have to give up!
Lets hope Coffee and a laugh with my good friend helps get me through!( Oh my god she just messaged me to say she is getting the car serviced and cant make our regular coffee date, thing are going from bad to worse LOL)
On the brighter side , we have completed out first week of load.  I am learning Heep's about not only my scrapbooking style but me, and at lest my scrapbook albums are starting to look full of recent photos.
OHHHH i was struggling to find positives LOL
Now the layout.

The paper is handmade using the 4110KD all boy uncut set, and about 5 different colours of distress ink.
The reason i did this paper was the prompt made me think of the  blue creative memories paper with the little white stars, it was one of the very first patterned papers they had....and i remember everyone saying how wonder full it was and how exciting it was.  LOL Its hard to believe how much things have changed. Buy the way i think i still have some of the paper somewhere.....!

Thanks for listening through my diatribe this feeling much better not sure if its the  venting , the coffee , or a combination of both!!!
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