Friday, September 2, 2011

Mother LOAD

Hi all
Sorry about the long time between posts, no excuses just plain lazy :)
I have been participating in the class over at big picture mother load. A layout a day. Today i have the first two days for you.
Day 1 prompt a goal or aim.Well my workshop clean is a constant day you never know i might actually get there

Day 2 Prompt- when u last laughed out loud.
So this one is about my trip to the theater with my mum group  friends.
Yesterday was a hard day i fell over in the garden with the kids, laying on the ground for 10-15 min thinking i may just have broken my foot! When i finally got up the pain was unbelievable......why am I telling you all this rather sad a sorrow full tale....not for sympathy LOL What was so great is that even though I was in pain all evening , I still went out to my workshop and did a layout YEAH This is what The mother load is all bout for me....making me try to do it even if i don't feel like it!

I plan on being back tomorrow with today's assignment

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