Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All about ...who ...ME ...no way

Todays prompt is a hard one......self portrait . Even my husband looked the other way and mumbled something along the lines of good luck with that, when i turned on him thinking he was been a smart ass. He looked straight at me and said....I'm sure its the hardest of all ! Dam he understood ! After been amazed for a few min i smiled to myself and thought maybe if its so hard then  skip it!
 Like most of us i hate my photos, generally they show that i should not eat that piece of cake i was thinking about eating ,  that I'm growing older , that I am not perfect!
 But then there are the times I wish I had more photos of my mum when she was younger, and I think to myself do I want Beth and Isaac to have the same problem when they are my age ....NO.
Todays prompt is a hard one but i attempted it ....I'm not sure that it was successful....but i had a go.
The journaling probably didn't give away why this is so much about me.
 As a mum i underestimate Beth my daughter all the time, she is a very reserved girl, and the silliest of things sometimes she just doesn't like or wont attempt.
On this day i thought the boat ride with the wind in her hair and the speed , may just scare her.
But to my surprise she loved it . I must stop assuming that she is not going to...so she is more free to just do it!

Now for the not so important stuff.
More hand made paper!
The Red swirl paper is made with a embossing plate 5048 Round dance, then with the plate still over the cardstock i have used the blending tool and distress ink to colour the embossed areas.

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